You’re Going To Eat What???

These are SO GOOD and good for you!

Healthy fat is essential to our diet.  We are bombarded with ads and articles saying that we need to eat a low fat diet to be healthy.  That is not true.  Have you ever studied French food?  They eat a lot of healthy fats like butter or cream and they do not have near the problems with their health as we do here in America.  The ads push vegetable oils and trans fats (although trans fat is finally getting the bad reputation it deserves).  One of the things that makes me different from lots of other bloggers who write about food is that I like simple foods.  I am not into fancy, but just good old fashioned down home food.  I try to keep my food choices to those that I could raise or grow on our homestead.  Don’t get me wrong, I buy other items at the store, but most of what I cook is simple farm fare.  I also read a book one time that I loved.  It was called What the Bible Says About Healthy Living and is written by Dr. Rex Russell, M.D.  I agreed with almost everything in the book, and I loved the 3 simple principles that he follows.  1.  Eat only what God intended to be food (that leaves out blue jello).  2.  Eat it as close to the way that God created it as possible (don’t over process).  3.  Don’t make what you eat or how you eat your God.  You health is in God’s hands (do your best and leave the results to God).  With that in mind, I look at the different fats and oils.  Which sounds healthier, butter and cream or highly processed oils like vegetable oils?

I have 3 main fats that I like to consume.  Avocados, Butter and Coconut Oil.  When I purpose to keep these three things in my diet, I really notice a difference in several areas.  I feel better overall, I think better (fats feed the brain) and I am not as hungry nor do I fight cravings near as much.  I want to do more avocados but I forget about them.  🙂  I need to put them in the menu plan somehow.  I have put them in smoothies and made guacamole.  We eat a lot of salads, so I need to remember to cut one up to put on our salads.  For coconut oil, I have been making my chocolate coconut bark.  I started using these trays and it gives me a more uniform portion. 


For butter, I put it on my one piece of toast in the morning and I fry my eggs using butter.  I will put a pat of butter on my veggies at suppertime, but some days I was not getting very much butter.  I read a blog post by Shaye over at The Elliot Homestead.   She posted a recipe awhile back for Butter Treats.  These sounded good, but I never got around to making them.  Then more recently, I saw a post on Empowered Sustenance for Buttermints.  That got me thinking even more.  

  I do not like to follow recipes and I love to just play around until I get something I like.  This practice often makes it hard to  share with you exactly what I did.  We are going to try though.  I use Stevia in a lot of different things and I don’t have any problems using it, but I also use raw honey, maple syrup, sucanat and even sometimes I use organic cane crystals.  As I thought about what to add to the butter for the treats I was going to make, honey became the winner.  Have you ever spread honey butter on a warm piece of toast?  That is so delicious.  Again, this would be using simple foods that I could produce on our farm.  We have milk cows and bees.  🙂  I sat out some butter to soften up a bit.  I wanted to be able to whip it together with the honey.  I used probably a cup and a half of butter.  My honey scoop held 1/4 cup of honey, but I did not use quite all of it.  If you like a stronger honey taste then add more honey to yours.  I hesitated whether to use a flavoring or not.  Shaye had added cinnamon and it is really good for you.  The other blogger used peppermint essential oil.  I do not ingest essential oils.  I know there are a lot of people who do and that is fine, but I choose not to.  🙂  I looked to see if I had any flavorings in my cupboard.  I found an unopened bottle of Frontier Maple Flavoring.  I had purchased it for another recipe that I never made.  That sounded like a winner to me, butter and maple.  I could spread it on pancakes or toast.  I could put it in my oatmeal or cream of wheat.  I could stir it into some quinoa for a delicious and healthy breakfast.  My mind was getting very excited about the possibilities.  I am sorry to say, I did not measure this.  I just poured some of the flavoring in and mixed it in well and tasted.  Then I added a wee bit more and thought it tasted just right.   So you will have to pick your perfect amount.  

I pulled out a large jelly roll sized pan and put a piece of parchment paper on it.  I then got out my cake decorating kit.  🙂  I took out a disposable icing bag and one of the decorating tips.  I filled the bag half full and started making splotches on my parchment paper.  The butter mixture was pretty soft by this time, so they did not come out as pretty as I would have liked.  You could just take a plastic bag (like a baggie) and snip off one corner.  Then just squeeze the mixture out of that corner in little blobs.  The picture below shows the second set of these I made.  I used the same piece of parchment paper.


I then popped them in the freezer and left them there for an hour.  I made sure they were firm when I got them out.  I scraped them off the paper and put them in a bowl.  They need to be stored in the fridge.  I am thrilled with how they turned out and my husband loved them as well.  

If I was not clear and you have questions please ask them in the comments below.  I would also like to hear if you are planning on trying to make these.  Let me know how they turn out.


You’re Going To Eat What??? — 7 Comments

  1. Great post. Now that I think about it, we aren’t consuming much fat in a day. I really need to think about this and get more fat into us! (We use Kerrygold butter, coconut oil, and Chaffin Orchards olive oil.)

    • Jessica, we use all that you do as well. When my cow is in milk, then I make my own butter, but buy Kerrygold when they are not in milk. 🙂 We also use coconut oil and Chaffin Orchards olive oil. 🙂

  2. I’m not a huge fan of maple, but I love this whole idea! We had a friend once who harvested maple sap and made maple candies. Those were too rich for me, but with honey instead of sugar, it might be a real treat!
    Oh, and your earlier points, number two is one of my biggest motivators! (to pursue homesteading life that is…) Be blessed!

  3. I like to premix sugar and cinnamon with butter, its great on toast, and guess what costs waaaay less than the stuff you buy in the store already made…plus I buy really good butter…and real cinnamon and organic cane sugar…yummmy

  4. I also enjoyed reading What the Bible Says About Healthy Living, Marci. Great introduction to eating real food and great reminders to honor God and our bodies with our food choices. Bring on the healthy fats! In addition to coconut oil and butter, we also render grass-fed beef tallow and cook with that beef fat.

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