Velcro Animals

There is a strange phenomena in our area. We live in the far south east corner of our county. We will check the radar and a strong storm will be coming our way. It can even already be in the county and almost ready to hit us. Then it starts to break up and goes around us on both sides. Sometimes this is nice, but other times we either need the rain or want the snow. We have been needing rain for awhile here. There was a really STRONG line of storms in the county and quickly heading our way. There was great areas of red on the radar, we were under a storm warning. My husband and I were out in the garden and it came up quickly. The sky darkened, the wind started whipping the tops of trees about, we headed for the house. Then, nothing happened. Not one drop of rain fell. Not one flash of lightning or clap of thunder. It never ceases to amaze us. Praise the Lord, today the rains have finally come. We have had some lightning and thunder, but we have had a good steady rain. Thank you Lord!!!

To get back to the title of my blog today, when it thunders, our two dogs become what we call “Velcro” dogs. They stick very close like a brother. =) We have had lots of other “Velcro” animals as well. The first picture you see up there is one of my parades to the mailbox. One of our sheep rejected a little ewe lamb named Mary. We had to bottle raise her. She loved being with me or just people in general. She would walk to the mailbox with me or anywhere else I would let her. She would stop and nibble here or there. Then she would look up and see that I was more than 5 feet away from her and she would come running and literally stick to my leg for a bit. I would walk down to the mail box and she would come, both dogs would come and sometimes even a cat. I enjoyed the company. If you have ever bottle fed a calf or kid, you also know about “Velcro” animals. They want to be very close to you because they look to you for their sustenance and their protection and they love you and want to be close.

Isn’t that how we are to be with the Lord? We are to be his “Velcro” children. To stick close to Him for our sustenance, our protection, to love Him with all that we are. Oh, there are so many lessons that the Lord gives us through His creation. Blessed be the Name of the Lord!!!


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  1. Thanks for a great post! Whenever I walk to the mailbox (1/4 mile from the house) I usually end up with at least one dog and a cat keeping me company. No sheep or goats, though! Are your dogs border collies?

  2. I really enjoy yyour blog. I’ve saved it to my Favorite Places. We live on on a small 1/8 acre lot on the coast of Florida and I’m so envious of your space, animals, and life style. Please keep posting and I especially like your pictures!

  3. Our last dog Speckles hated thunder, she would be beside herself, wanting to be near us but then she would want to run under the porch. Couldn’t decide which place was best. Fergus doesn’t seem to mind it, so far anyway.
    Ahhh yes, we are to desire to be close to the Lord like velcro

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