Time began in a garden…

Oh, I am bone weary and tired. My back hurts, my legs hurt and my feet hurt. We spent most of today outside in the garden. We got 3 more rows of corn planted and another row of beans. We planted beets and patty pan squash. I also set up my garden teepees. I have always wanted some, and this year decided it was time to just do it. I have bush beans planted in rows, but I planted Kentucky Wonder pole beans around my teepees. They are my favorite. I also planted some loofah gourds and some birdhouse gourds. Across the front of the garden I planted a row of sunflowers. There are all sizes and all colors. I also planted some other flower seeds that I had. In the corner I planted bush balsams. They are so pretty with their flowers and they really attract bees, which is why I planted them. My friend said that her mom called them Touch-Me-Nots. I had never heard either name until I saw them in my friend’s garden. We need to stake our tomatoes, or put cages around them. We need to do this before they get any bigger. My son and his friends put a new roof on one of our outbuildings. It had shingles missing and we waited so long to fix it that he had to replace the wood underneath as well. This is a really nice building. I wanted to use it for a chicken coop, but my husband said NO WAY, it is too nice. We have a few gardening supplies in there, and that is not even handy as this building is out in front of the house, and the garden is behind the house. I would love to use it for a winter quarters for my layers and to put the new chicks each year after they come out of the brooder. Oh well… Maybe God will give us a plan on how to use it. My husband and I also took turns on the tractor using the bushhog. It gave us a chance to sit down and rest and still be doing something. Tonight I am soaking in the tub.

One more thought about the title of todays blog. My Sister In Law is an avid gardener. Her and a friend were doing all the landscaping at their church. Their pastor has a quick wit and is very friendly. They kept bugging him about putting the landscaping in the budget because they were having to buy everything and they wanted to do more. Finally one day, she said, “Pastor Frank, can we please put this in the budget, afterall time did begin in a garden”. Without blinking an eye, he turned to her and said, “So did sin”. Then he grinned and walked off. =)


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  1. Marci, I love your garden. Your teepee’s look so good. I did that one year and made them out of bamboo that we grew. I just about killed my garden yesterday. My DH kept telling me if I didn’t dust it, I might as well forget it. Well, I didn’t want to forget it, so I dusted it. This morning my cucumber were bent over to the ground…just wilted over. The dust must have been to strong. I gathered up the water hose and drenched them good. Tonight they look a little better. I’m hoping it rains on them tonight. I bet I won’t do that anymore!! LOL

  2. There are many types of veggies in your garden I have never heard of. You will have to show us pictures when it starts producing. Cant wait to see what that squash looks like!!

  3. What a pretty garden you have!! I really like the teepee’s. Your son is so nice to fix the roof of the outbuilding. I think it would make a very nice chicken house. :0)


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