Supper On A Stick

Shish kabobs are on the menu!!

My husband went to get out some meat this past weekend.  He often will cook up meat on the weekend and we use it for lunches and even some suppers through the week.  He pulled out a package and it said “Heel of Round”.  We had never seen that with our meat before so we decided to thaw it and make shish kabobs.   It turned out to be fairly large and very meaty.   So, he took about 1/3 of it off and we put the rest aside for another meal plan.  He cut up the piece into cubes and put them in a bag with some of my homemade salad dressing.  It is a balsamic/red wine vinegar Italian dressing.  We were going to have them on Saturday night and that did not happen.  So, they have been marinating until tonight.  

I cut up lots of summer veggies.  We had mushrooms, green peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes and Vidalia onions.  


Since we did not grill meat on Saturday for the week, we went ahead and made hamburger patties as well. That little bowl is my vinegar fruit fly trap.  🙂   


We only had wooden skewers, so we soaked them in water before using them.  Then we put the shish kabobs together.  They look so colorful and summery to me.  🙂


He put them on the grill and oh my they were so delicious.  We have enough left for another meal.

The tomatoes in our garden have not done too well this year and what we did get are being eaten by something.  Some  are missing half or more of the tomato.  We may have brought in five tomatoes that were worth eating (not counting cherry tomatoes).  Tomatoes were one of the main things I wanted to can this year.  God provided for me.  We had a picnic after church on Sunday.  We were all talking about gardens and it seems most people did not do well with their tomatoes.  They had all gotten some from somewhere though.  One family said they were done picking and canning and they still had tomatoes.  They offered to let me come and pick theirs.  Another family said they had lots of peppers.  That was the Wonderful Neighbors.   They brought me these three buckets of peppers.


I went over today to pick tomatoes at the other family’s house.  Their son who I believe is 15 or 16 offered to help me.  It was very pleasant to have a picking buddy and someone to talk to while we worked.  Here is what I brought home from there.


My favorite sandwich in the world is a fresh from the garden tomato and onion sandwich.  I took what you see below and put them on bread spread with mayo and then added salt and pepper.  I was in sandwich heaven.  🙂


How did your tomatoes do this year?  Did you have plenty?  I would love to hear what all you are putting up at your house this summer!!

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