Sow Many Questions 9-13-13


I get asked a lot of questions. I will be keeping a list of the questions that people ask me. They will be answered in this series each Friday. You may leave your question in the comments of this post or on our Facebook page.

Today’s question: Would you still buy in bulk even if you are a small family and why?  This covers several variations of this question that I have been asked.  

I would say YES!!!  Buying in bulk is not just about buying for a large family.  There are many advantages to buying in bulk.  Here are some of those advantages:  

~*~ First of all, you can often stock up when there is a good sale.  We often do this with coffee.  We drink coffee every day and it is expensive.  So, when there is a good sale, we might buy up to 10 canisters of coffee.  This will last us a long time and usually when we are getting down to just a couple left, there is another sale.

~*~ You rarely run out of an item.  I like to dry herbs from my own garden, but I also buy herbs by the pound.  I keep them in either their foil pouch or in glass jars in my pantry.  I have smaller jars in my spice cabinet.  When I run out of pepper in my small jar, I simply “shop” in my pantry.  I refill my small jar and I am ready to go.

~*~ Buying in bulk often saves you money.  When you are wanting to buy something, check to see if there is a bigger size that costs less per unit.  Take Olive Oil for instance.  Most people will buy the small 1 liter size bottle at the grocery store.  If you buy a 3 liter bottle, it costs a lot less per liter.  I have an oil bottle I use in my kitchen.  I fill it with the bottle from my pantry.  I like to keep toilet paper on hand.  I found this deal on the subscribe and save at Amazon.  I can have this delivered to my door cheaper than I can buy it on sale at a local store.

  ~*~ Buying this way will allow you to bless others.  Do you ever hear of someone who has lost their job, or their house burned down, or for some reason has a need for food or household items.   It is easy to go into your bulk storage and have a nice selection of items to bless them with.

~*~ If there is some sort of emergency (we had storms 2 years in a row that knocked our power out for quite awhile), you will have what you need to get through.  *See more below about this.

  I will add that you need to keep tabs on what items you have and the amounts.  I have often shared with people to keep a list of the items they want stocked up on.  Keep track when you take something out to use.  When I open the last olive oil, I usually order 2 more.  If there has not been a sale on coffee for awhile, and I am down to 3 canisters (which would still last a good while), then I put it on my grocery list each week so I check for deals when shopping.  We do not live near a Costco or Sam’s, so I don’t ever shop there.  I have heard they have some great deals, but also that you have to be careful buying from them because some things are not good deals at all.  

We are a small family and I am so grateful to have what we do.  I did not build my pantry in one week.  It has evolved over years.  Start now if you don’t have one.  Add one extra of a couple of things each month.  

* Talking about being prepared in an emergency…  How prepared are you?   Take this quiz and see how you score!!  Just click on the picture to go to the quiz.
What's Your Survival Score?
   Again, if you have questions, feel free to ask away in the comments below.

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