Pumpkins in June??

Share I love all things pumpkin. It used to be that each Autumn, there were several must have items on my list. I would have to have pumpkin ice cream at least once and also a small piece of pumpkin fudge. I love the taste of pumpkin… muffins, pies, pancakes, bread, you name it!! I don’t know why it took me so long to figure this out, but since each year I can pumpkin for my pantry, I do not have to limit myself to Autumn for pumpkin goodness!! I can have it year round!!

Last night, we decided we wanted ice cream.  I was surprised but Michael’s suggestion was pumpkin.  As you can imagine that was fine by me.  So, we started gathering what we needed.  I discovered Long Island Cheese Pumpkins several years ago.  Now, that is all I will grow or use.  The are shaped like a round of cheese and the flesh is much more orange on the inside than a regular pumpkin.  The flavor is superb!!!

Long Island Cheese Pumpkins

Long Island Cheese Pumpkins

You can see how orange the pumpkin I canned, is in the picture below.  “The Experts” tell you that when you can pumpkin to only can it in chunks, not puree.  I do something that is sort of in between the two.  🙂  It has worked great for us.  I can the pumpkin in pint size jars.  It is so pretty out in my canning pantry.  Now back to the ice cream…. We tried one thing new last night with the ice cream.  We added some gelatin to the recipe.  Make sure you get a healthy grass fed gelatin.  This is an excellent brand.  Gelatin is so good for your joints, nails, hair and lots more.  We read that by adding some gelatin into your ice cream, it won’t get so brick hard when you freeze the left overs.  I will let you know if that is true when we eat the the rest of ours.  I don’t think you will have long to wait.  🙂  The brown bottle on the left is my homemade bourbon vanilla.  I put most of the spices and the salt in the little bowl you see.  The little “nut” looking item on top of the grater is a whole nutmeg.  You get such a stronger and richer flavor grating your own.  You can get Nutmeg here and the little grater here.  Next time we make it we will try something else new.  We are going to try and use real Maple Syrup instead of the Organic Sugar Cane Crystals.

IMG_6675 For this recipe you need 3 cups of milk and or cream. You can use 2 cups of heavy cream and a cup of milk or just one cup of heavy cream and 2 cups of milk. We like to use the 2 cups of cream. We have good thick cream on the top of each gallon of milk, so that is not a problem for us. You can see how thick the cream is.
IMG_6677 Pour the milk/cream into the bowl reserving about 1/2 cup. Add in one pint or one can of pumpkin. If you really like the pumpkin flavor you can add 1 1/2 pints. Then add 2 Tablespoons of vanilla. The Bourbon Vanilla we make is outstanding. The alcohol in the vanilla is also supposed to help the ice cream to not get so hard in the freezer. We added one cup of the sugar cane crystals. I am hoping the Maple Syrup works. If not, I may try cutting back on the sugar. Add 2 1/4 tsp. of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of either ground allspice or ground cloves, 3/4 tsp. of nutmeg and a pinch of salt.  We used the Himalayan Pink Salt.  I then use my Stick Blender to mix it.  This seems to work really well and it is very easy to clean.  I then heated up the reserved milk and added 2 Tbsp. of the gelatin into it and stirred until dissolved.  I then added this mixture to the bowl and mixed it in.

We got the bowl for our Ice Cream Maker out of the freezer.

Pour the mixture into the bowl, secure the lid and turn the machine on. It says to let it go for 20 minutes, but we let it go at least 25 mins. We really notice a difference in the texture with those extra few minutes.
IMG_6681 Then dish it up and eat it!! We bought some little glass bowls with lids to freeze any left over ice cream we have for another night.

Homemade Pumpkin Ice Cream

Mix all together in a bowl leaving out 1/2 cup of milk aside.  Heat milk and add 2 Tablespoons of gelatin and mix until dissolved.  Add the milk/gelatin mixture in with the rest and mix well.  Pour into your ice cream maker and let it go for the recommended time for your machine.  Enjoy!!


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  1. I must say I don’t like the taste of Pumpkin at all. You can have all my shares 🙂 My hubby and boys love it though, so they would love this Ice Cream.

  2. Do you like your Cuisinart ice cream maker? I recently read about it on another blog, and it sounded like a good product. Your ice cream looks delicious!

  3. My mom has that same silverware pattern! 😉
    This sounds great. I just purchased this same ice cream maker and ordered extra milk this week. May need to give this one a try. My hubby loves pumpkin ice cream.

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  7. Yummy sounds wonderful, but I used almond milk, ( can’t have milk) used almond milk, really good, lighter texture than with milk.

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