How Have We Changed

Something has changed over time... what is it?

Before I begin this post, I want to go on the record as saying, I am not talking about anyone in particular, and I do NOT claim to have all the answers.  I was just pondering these things.

When I was a girl growing up in my parents home, I had responsibilities and chores.  There were things that were expected of me and if I had to be reminded all the time, there were consequences.  Now, I am not saying that I never acted up and rebelled against things.  Just ask my Dad and he will set you straight on that one.  There was just more of a sense of giving a child some responsibility and expecting them to do it.  I had set chores that had to be done each day like setting the table and helping with the dishes.  There were also weekly chores around the house involving dusting and vacuuming.  I had to practice my piano and just generally help out.  Helping in the kitchen was allowed and expected.  I was never not allowed to use a knife that I remember.  I would be given jobs to do for big holiday meals.  I am sure my Mom probably kept an eye on what I was doing, but I knew I was expected to get it done and in a timely manner.  

I have observed people in restaurants with their children.  Go get an ice cream cone and listen as people interact with their kids about what they are allowed to order.  There is often a lot of sassing, pouting, threats, and ugly faces.  I don’t know about you, but I would have gotten my hide tanned and not been allowed to have anything.  The same would have been what would have happened to my son.  I heard a story once and I loved it.  This woman took her 6 children into the mall and while there, they stopped to get an ice cream cone.  She got them each a small cone and they were enjoying their treat.  A man came over and asked how she managed to have happy children when they only got a small ice cream cone.  His children were not happy unless they got a banana split.  I loved her answer.  She told the man that if and when her children were no longer happy with a small ice cream cone, that they would not get anything larger, but they would get fewer small ice cream cones.  Gratitude goes a long way.

I know this is not a universal statement but somewhere along the line, something has changed.  There are many children who are whiners, complainers and very disrespectful.  They have few if any chores at home and not only do they not help, but they expect to be served and sadly, that is what often happens. 

If children are expected to help out and they work along side dad and mom, it gives them a sense of belonging and being important in the family.  I also feel that expecting them and allowing them to help you in the kitchen gives them life long skills that will be very valuable.  Teach your children how to use knives to cut things up.  Start them with something easy and small.  It often takes longer to get things done with them in the kitchen helping, but it will truly pay off over time.  Many of the families I know have younger girls of 10 or 11 that can step in and whip up a meal if mom is sick or something happens.  Not only does this make her a great helper, but she is a giant step ahead of many of her peers  when it comes to getting married.  

This also will give them the skills of cooking with real foods and putting meals together that are healthy.  You can share why you are serving that salad  along with the meat and rice.  By the time she or he is on their own, they will know how to put together a balanced diet and to cook for themselves or their family.  Because of all the illnesses and all the news articles about what they are doing to our food, more and more people are wanting to eat healthier. They are listening and trying to input changes.  You can give your children a head start.  By starting with our children,  and realizing they are very helpful and resourceful people and allowing them to contribute to the family by helping, will help to change the next generation.  

Lets start changing things back to where they were.  Give your children responsibility.  Work along side them and give them a sense of accomplishment.  Let them use some of the tools that belong in a household.  Many kids are thought to be too young to handle these tools when in fact they are not.  Teach safety.  Show them exactly what you expect.  We lived next door to a family with 6 children.  I watched their 5 year old boy sweep the kitchen floor one day.  He did a better job than I would have done.  He moved chairs, got in corners, etc. He had been trained and did what was expected of him.  

Do your children help you in the kitchen?  How old do you allow your boys to split wood?  I would love to hear some feedback on this.    

Celebrate With Teresa!

Come and celebrat with Teresa Tapp!

This is an exercise program that anyone can do.  It was designed originally to help people with rehab.  It is a right brain left brain program as well that helps your brain function.  It also helps to cleanse your lymphatic symptoms.  

There are several levels of workout including one for those who have more weight to lose and are recovering from surgery.  You will love these work outs.  Get them while they are on sale.  You will not be sorry. 


Here is a video showing one of her moves that helps to lower your blood sugar.  It took me a few times to be able to do it, since it is using both your left and right brain.  🙂

We Need To Rethink and Retrain

How do we portray food's role?

Think about all the ways we think about food and how we talk about it.  If we have unhealthy attitudes and problems with food, we often pass them on without meaning to.  I recently read something that a young mother posted.  She struggles with food and her perception of herself based on the numbers on the scale.  She feels she has had  breakthrough in that are this summer.  I am thrilled she is moving beyond that.  There are many prejudices you hear about these days.  However, prejudice is not just about what color tone your skin is.  There are all sorts of them around.  People are prejudice against fat people.  No all people, but there is a large segment that is and they may not even know it.  This post is not about how people need to not be prejudice, but on how we allow their prejudice to affect us, specifically in the weight category.

The picture above is often talked about.  “How to get your kids to eat vegetables”.  “Why kids hate vegetables”.  “How to sneak vegetables into your children’s diet”.  When you hear people talk about children and vegetables, it is not usually a positive thing.  This next picture is the opposite.


Now, lets talk about sweets, sugar, cakes and ice cream and children.  “If you are good, you can have a doughnut”.  Eat one more bite of those veggies and you can have dessert”.  “You have been so good, would you like a treat?”  Do you see the difference?  Just in the way that we talk about food, we are sending messages to our children.  

My niece and I were talking about this whole subject and I was relating a story to her.  Someone was trying to tell me where a specific business was.  I wanted to go there, but was not sure where on the long street FULL of businesses it was.  They would ask me if I knew where this certain business is or that certain business.  I did not know where any of them were.  Then they asked if I knew where Sonny’s BBQ was.  Now, THAT I did know!!  Well, this place I wanted to go to was between Sonny’s and Burger King on that same side of the road.  Now, I could drive right to the place.  If we go on vacation to places we have been before, we often remind each other what places we want to eat at while we are there.  Food plays a bigger part in our lives than we give it credit for.    

We need to swap all of the above around.  You are at the fair and you know your senses of smell and sight will be assaulted with all those foods that we look at as treats.  How about before we get there, we decide, we will have one item of junk food or even two items.  Then when we talk about them, especially to children, we can say, “We have been really good about eating healthy, so we will allow one unhealthy thing today.”  Tell them that up front and let them choose their one unhealthy thing. We could even follow up with how we will have to drink some extra water when we get home and the next day to help wash the junk through.  Don’t make the dessert a treat.  On the other hand don’t use the withholding of it, as a punishment.  “If you don’t finish your food, you won’t get dessert”. 

Make dessert the rare thing.  Make yummy healthy snacks together.  Make fruit leather with a dehydrator.  It is simple and easy and kids love it.  Plus, if they get to help make it, they will love it even more.  Dry apple rings and pieces.  They taste good and are easy to grab and go.  What about fruit and yogurt.  It tastes good and if we talk about it like a treat, then it is special and they will want it.  I love to cut up an apple and dip the pieces into peanut butter.  I saw the cutest idea for Autumn.  Someone took peeled oranges (they actually looked like little tangerines), and stuck a piece of celery in the middle and it looked like little pumpkins.  Look on pinterest for healthy, but fun and cute ideas.  

How about adult treats.  Make a trail mix with healthy items like nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and some raisins.  Apple rings cut into smaller pieces work well in trail mix.  Apple rings make a good snack for adults as well as children.  Make chocolate coconut bark.  It tastes delicious and you are getting healthy fat into your diet. Break it into bite size pieces or I have been making mine in these.   They easily push out and I can open the fridge and grab one and pop it in my mouth.

Plan ahead.  Think before you speak.  Try and change the way we talk.  Lets talk about all those wonderful summer veggies we can eat right out of the garden and how good they taste.  I am always thrilled to be able to buy local produce and try new things.  Try some new ways to cook them that will be fun.  Make a fire in the back yard and cook over the fire.  Talk about how they did things in the old days.   Maybe dry some apple rings on a string in your kitchen.  Find an orchard that doesn’t spray toxins all over the apples.  Go and pick apples.  That is so fun and then make applesauce (it is a breeze to make applesauce using one of these).   Make dried apples, dip apples in homemade caramel sauce or peanut butter.  What a treat and a fun one!!  

What are some ways you can think of to change the way we look at and talk about foods?

Why Are We Drawn To This?


I will be scrolling through my Facebook feed, or going to Pinterest to pin something and see these pictures of food that set me to drooling.  I saw one today from a friend’s website (it is her recipe) and it made me want to make it and have it for supper.  Her recipes taste DIVINE, but they are not too healthy. I went to the ingredient list of the recipe I saw today.  It had Cheese-It crumbs in it.  That right there was a big NO for me.  I LOVE Cheese-Its, but they are not good for me.  Plus, if I bought them to make the recipe, the rest of that box would call my name until they were gone.  I know people on the GAPS diet and others who are trying so hard to lose weight and have cut way back on carbs.   Then I see them post something to their blog or Facebook page that looks scrumptious, but is totally out of bounds for what they are trying to do. 

We set ourselves up for failure.  Why do we do that?  I will admit that sometimes you can take those recipes and use real food in place of some of the “other items”.  For some of the recipes, the “other items” are what calls my name.  What can you do about it?  Stay away!  Scroll past those recipe pictures without stopping.  Don’t go perusing the websites that are full of those recipes.  Another way to help is to have a menu and make sure there are some delicious whole food dishes on there.  Try some new things.  There are a whole host of REAL FOOD bloggers that have recipes on their page all the time.  Do you eat grain free?  There are bunches of those types of bloggers.  Do you eat Paleo?  Find the Paleo bloggers.  You can look at their pictures and know that there is a 99% chance it is healthy real food that is good for you.  

This same set up for failure carries over into other areas of our life as well.  How many times have you gone into a store, a thrift shop, or stopped at a garage sale and found that item that you NEEDED, that you never knew existed before you just saw it.  🙂  Come on… be honest… Fess up!  I have.  I LOVE to go in thrift shops and I love to go to garage sales.  I rarely go though because I take home things I do not need because they were a good deal.  

We are going to be having a garage sale this next weekend.  So, I am going through things.  I have found so many things that got used once or were never used.  They were cute, I thought I would use them, but I didn’t and now they are going in a garage sale.  Some of these items I have had for years.  I have held on to them through other purges.  I am praying as I go through things that the Lord will help me let go of lots of things. 

I am not a minimalist, nor do I want one of those tiny houses that are all the rage right now.  I want to have space to have people over and not feel like we are on top of one another.  I want to have things around me that I use and love.  I would like to decorate with items that I will be using.  I have my colanders hung on my wall.  I love how they look and they are handy for me to grab and use.  I have gone through half of my books.  I have the other half to do yet.  (See our For Sale page – tab is above)  I just have TOO MUCH stuff and I need to pare way down.  We are hoping to move in the near future and we are trying to be ready!


What are some ways you avoid the pitfall of wanting wrong food or buying things you don’t need?  Please leave a comment below.  

Please, Can You Help This Family?

Please help the Godfrey Family

My friend, Susan Godfrey has gone through so much recently.   She has kept such a great attitude, sweet spirit and has not complained. Their house burned partially down earlier this year and they have been living in a camper working on gutting and rebuilding their home. In the midst of that, her husband, Marty was diagnosed with a very aggressive leukemia. He has been going for chemo treatments and getting sick.  He went into the hospital a week ago with a high fever.  He ended up with bleeding in the brain and became non-responsive.  He went home to be with the Lord this morning, leaving her a young widow with 2 special needs boys and no home. This is a fundraiser to help her with expenses. Lilla Rose sells hair jewelry that really works.  If you order today or tomorrow, there is a sale going on.  These make great gifts and you could buy ahead for Christmas, birthdays, etc.

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Preserve the Bounty Giveaway!!

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