The Beauty of Blossoms

I love this time of year. Everything is starting to bloom. The flowers are all so different from one another in shape, color, texture, scent and I am sure other things I am not thinking of. I always marvel at how God could have made this world black and white and we would never have known the difference. However, he chose to give us beauty and so many different forms of beauty. The different trees are beautiful, the lay of the land, the sky colors, the colors of the oceans and lakes. These are all flowers in my yard. Some of my flower beds have seen better days with less weeds, but I am trying to make sure our vegetable garden is sort of weed free. We are making the veggie garden more of a priority. Even in our neglect of the flower gardens they are still blooming madly. God is still receiving praise and glory from His creation.

I will post pictures of our vegetable garden soon. It is really growing. These really hot days and a bit of rain here or there has really done its work.

Harvest Time is Starting

Well, the inside of my house was really suffering. =) I was busy, busy outside and only did the barest of inside chores. Well, after a week of that, it really showed. So, Monday I stayed in all day and cleaned, and straightened and all sorts of things. I had checked on things in the garden over the weekend and picked what was ready. We still have lots of weeding to catch up on, plus stay up on current weeding. Then my Dad is up here from Florida. He was coming to my house Tuesday afternoon and was staying for dinner. I wanted to make up something special for dinner, and do some other clean up type stuff around the house. On Wednesday it rained all day, so I did not go in the garden. OK… for 3 days I was not out there checking on things.

I have quite a few cucumbers in my refrigerator. We have used some in salads and I have given some away. On my way to milk the goats last night, I noticed a couple of rather large cucumbers. Now after 3 days of not being looked at a couple of large cucumbers did not worry me. Well, you see the haul that I made last night. I stopped and started picking and picking. I actually have given some of what I picked away already. So, today I will be making pickles and a bowl of cukes and sweet onions in vinegar and sugar. I am going to make crock pickles today because they are so easy. I am waiting on a tried and true and tasted by me bread and butter pickle recipe from my niece. I have always loved her mother’s bread and butter pickles and they are giving me the recipe. I have 4 zuchinni (this is after giving some away) and one yellow squash as well. I will try and incorporate them into dinner tonight. Have you ever heard of zoodles? I have this nifty contraption that you can make long strings out of potatoes or zuchinni. You use the zuchinni in place of pasta. You don’t boil them like you do pasta. To cook zoodles you saute them briefly in a pan with some olive oil or butter. Also add a bit of garlic or if you are me, add LOTS of garlic. It only takes a few moments to get to a crispy tender texture sort of like pasta.

I don’t know if my cucumbers cross pollinated or what. I had 4 hills of pickle cucumbers and 2 hills of regular cukes. I can’t figure out which is which. Does anyone have any clues? I was going to write down a map of my garden, and then talked myself out of it, because I would remember. HAH!! Don’t listen to yourself if that is what your are hearing.


Our babies on the farm are growing up. The top picture is Cookies-N-Cream. It looks like he is smiling in this picture. I tried to get a good picture of Chocolate’s face, but he wouldn’t look at me. These two lambs out of all of them have the cutest faces. The next picture is Sir Loin of Beef. I go out and in a sing-song type voice call, “Sir Loin” and he comes running. He can suck down a half gallon bottle of milk in about 23 seconds. Jersey calves are really among my favorite animal babies. I love their huge eyes. They are so gangly and they can really bump you around looking for a teat. =) The bottom picture is the neighbor’s calf that is in with ours.

I have a lot to do today. Most of it is inside stuff. I have neglected the inside since the outside needs so much work. I still have part of the garden to weed and I have to finish mulching my herb garden, but the inside has waited long enough. I have dog hair tumbleweeds, because my guys like the dogs in the house. I noticed the bathroom sink is all dirty from us washing our hands after coming in from the garden. I have kept up with the kitchen though.

Oh How the Weeds Grow!!

We have been staying pretty much on top of our garden this year. After all the things that happened in our life last year, we just let the garden go. So, this year, we have been trying extra hard to keep up with it. We left a week ago Saturday morning for Kentucky and did not return until Tuesday evening. It looked like we had not weeded our garden in a month. The only place that was not weedy was where we took the time to put the paper and the straw down. If you look at the third picture that is what most of the garden looked like when we got back. I guess they had some rain, which did water the garden for us. It seems that the weeds grow way faster than the plants you want, especially with some rain. =)

My dear sweet husband has been off this week. If you look at the bottom picture that is what we have been doing a lot of hours this week. We had to go a wedding on Friday night. I felt like I was crippled from bending over in the garden. I was walking very slowly. =) Also, since Michael has been off, I have not been on here very much.

Family Reunion in Kentucky

We had a family reunion in Kentucky this past weekend. The weather was clear, but it was very hot and humid. It was in the high 90’s and very humid. However, it was on a big lake, so you could always jump into the water. Also, there was an old well in the front yard. It has the sweetest, best tasting, coldest water I have ever tasted. We have gone to this place since I was a little girl. The well was a popular place with the children. Some one big would bring up buckets of the water, hand over hand. Then they would pour them into other buckets and containers sitting around the well. The children and some of the adults would splash themselves or each other with the ice cold water. When you wash your hair in it, you are sure that your brain is frozen.

There were 2 pontoon boats and a speed boat there. We would all get in and go over to these cliffs where people could jump off. The first picture is my son jumping off the highest part of the cliff. There were different levels to jump from. I was amazed at how brave some of the smaller children were. The second picture is of one of our boats we were on.

The next picture is a rock overhang that my Grandpa and Dad used to take us in the boat. We would get in underneath the rock cliff and they would tell us how that rock falls every 100 years and they think this is the 99th year, 364th day, etc. It has still not fallen. =)

The last picture is of the old house that is there. It is over 100 years old. The part that has the darker roof is all made of hand hewn logs. That part has the living area and kitchen. The other part has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. We used to always have to use the outhouse. My Grandpa put the bathroom in when I was probably around 12. He just used the smallest of the 3 bedrooms in that part of the house. The entire house used to have the red tin roof.

There was no hot water in the old house, so baths were in the lake or at the well. I cheated and went on Monday night to my Aunt and Uncle’s house (which is behind the old house) and took a shower there. They live there all summer, so there house is totally modern.

It was good to see family and have a chance to talk about old times. It was sad that this was our first reunion without my Mom. I sure would have liked to sit and talk to her.

Rainbows and Thunderheads

We had more storms last night. Praise the Lord, that none of them are dumping tons of rain on us. We are getting adequate supplies to water the garden and the pasture and keep the pond full. We were sitting at the supper table last night and it was raining. All of a sudden the sun came out while it was raining. In Florida this happened a lot and we called them a sun shower. I knew there had to be a rainbow. So, I grabbed the camera and went to the back door and sure enough there was a beautiful rainbow. A promise from God that He will not flood the entire earth again. If you look at the second picture, you can see my neighbor’s golden wheat field. It is ready to be harvested or at least it looks like it to me. His property runs down that entire side of our property. He is an organic farmer. I went back inside and was cleaning up the supper dishes. Michael, my wonderful husband came in and told me to come out front a minute. The 3rd and 4th pictures are what he called me out to see. The pictures do not do it justice. It was magnificent. As we went out to move the cow fence a bit later, there was an even larger sense of these clouds as another front moved in. Alas, I did not have my camera with me. We love to see God’s awesome creation. We often wonder how people can see what is all around them and not believe in God, or at least say they don’t.