The Only Constant Is Change

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One of the big things in life that is constant is that life changes.  🙂  How do you like that? Life is about seasons and circumstances and those are always changing.  My husband’s parents moved very recently.  They raised their large family in a big house where lots of memories were made.  They lived there for 45 years.  They not only moved, but also severely downsized.  It was an emotional time for everyone.  For his parents there were lots of decisions to be made.  What to keep and take with them, what to give to others and what to do with the things that no one needed or had room for.  It can be easier to let something go if it goes to family, but when the thrift store is the destination, then it is harder.  The move was necessary for many reasons.  Life changed.  Several sets of stairs got to be too much.  A large house and yard takes a large amount of energy to keep up with.  As we get older our ability to keep up that energy level declines.  So change happens.  

We live on a farm.  We have lived on a farm for awhile now.  I love that we live on a farm.  It used to be that each April, we would welcome baby chicks, baby goats, baby lambs and baby calves. It was a happy time and place for me.  We would feed bottles to calves and goats, pick up and cuddle little goats, sit and watch the lamb races, watch the peeps race around in the brooder.  There were more of us on the farm then.  More hands made the work possible. 

We realized that goats were becoming a feed bill and we did not really need their milk with having a Jersey cow.  I LOVED my goats, but I knew it was time for them to go.  I cried like a baby, but I knew it was the right thing.  Then last year our sheep barn needed lots of work.  We did not have the time and all the resources to deal with that.  It was no longer a good place to keep sheep.  I really LOVED my sheep.  I really hope to have sheep again in the future.  I knew it was time to say good bye to them at least for awhile.  I cried like a baby, but I knew it was the right thing.   We had problems with our milk cow last year.  We had to dry her off early.

Last year we had problems with some of the birds in our last batch of broilers and with some of our turkeys.  The man behind us had put up three of those huge chicken houses and it affected our birds.  So, this year we did not raise any broilers or turkeys because we could not in good faith tell our customers we were raising healthy meat.  This also affects the meat we raise for ourselves.  

Life changes.  When you are young and raising your children it seems to stretch out so far ahead of you. You have energy and vision and activity.  Then you come to the place where your children become teens and have minds of their own and want to make their own decisions…. decisions that you do not agree with sometimes.  You begin to question your ability to parent that child.  Then one day that last child leaves home and you know that they aren’t coming back.  They are starting their own families in their own homes.  It is hard.  It is change and it has to happen.

I got to spend the day with my Dad and his wife.  I enjoyed and savored every moment of it.  I feel so blessed to still have my Dad.  We talked and laughed.  We shared memories.  We took a drive and looked at the Autumn colors.  We visited a waterfall.  Their season is different than mine.  My season is different than my son’s.  Life changes.

Embrace change.  Go with the changes.  Keep a positive attitude and outlook.  It is going to happen and it will come.  Fighting it only causes problems that don’t have to be. 

What season of life are you in?  I guess I would consider mine Autumn. It just so happens that Autumn is my favorite season.



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  1. This was a lovely post, Marci. I didn’t realize how hard this present move would be for me. Even though we are hopefully going on to wonderful new things, it was/is still extremely hard and I shed many tears as well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a great post just to show me I’m not the only one. In the past 18 months I’ve had both daughters marry and move hundreds of miles away, my husband retire early, and we moved a couple thousand miles away (2/3 of the year) for my husband to hobby farm. It has been too many changes all at once! I’ve also had to deal with some health issues and face the fact that getting older is not so easy! The Lord has brought me through, but there were some very dark days. Thanks for encouraging us to embrace the change – I’m not quite there yet but want to be!

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