Make a Blessing Basket

Join us in making Christmas gifts and other gifs through out the year!! Here is where we will start the gift making posts. We will do a post at least once a month and we can share ideas with one another.  Maybe we could have a post earlier in the month to work on something together that month and one later in the month to share our pictures.  I am open to ideas on how to do this.  Leave your ideas in the comments below. 

I heard a very cool idea (Thanks Suzanne) which got me started thinking along these lines. A friend of mine does this at Thanksgiving, but I am thinking of Christmas. We don’t take part in the family gift exchange any more and have not for years. We just never know what to buy because we are so different and we also have to watch our pennies. Suzanne has a huge basket that she puts in the middle of her coffee table. She fills it to overflowing with all sorts of things. She has little packs of herbs, spices, seeds from her garden, pickles or jellies from her garden, homemade things like mittens or hats and lots of other things. 🙂 I think she even picks up some inexpensive things along the way that would be nice (like the wonderful towels that I sell in my store. ) I am shameless aren’t I? She just tells everyone to help themselves to whatever they would like. This would not have to cost too much, but would be a way to share your blessings with those you love.  If you work on it all year long, then it is even that much easier to fit into your budget.  

If you go to a Christmas party or have one, you could do this. It would be a neat way to share something with people that you can’t buy for. What about at work or at your homeschool co-op?

I am wanting to do this at Christmas. I am already planning out what I will put in it. I have our homegrown and ground garlic powder that is so good. I have some teas and spices as well. I am going to start making homemade things to add to the stash.

I think I am going to start by trying to knit up some of those little single color square wash cloths.  Here is one pattern that is quick and easy to do.  Don’t forget it is best to use 100% cotton yarn for wash cloths or dish cloths.  I have several of this type with different pictures in a raised pattern that Suzanne made me.  I love those. You can also crochet a dish cloth if you don’t know how to knit.  I learned to knit making a dish cloth similar to the first pattern I linked to.  If you are local and want to learn how, I will help you.      

Please share other ideas of what could go in these baskets?


Make a Blessing Basket — 9 Comments

  1. Great idea! Some things we have given in the past:

    Homemade jelly (blackberry & plum)
    A pan of homemade cinnamon rolls
    Loaves of orange slice cake
    Meat (if we have butchered something recently)
    Homemade beef jerky (the guys love it!)
    Homemade “warmie bags” filled with rice or dried corn.

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