Life Is Too Short – Make It Right

Every year on this day, I share a reminder with you.  Love those who are around you.  Make things right with those who have a problem with you.  Call someone you love and tell them that you love them and why.  Hug those around you.  Take time out of your busy schedule to make it happen.  You never know if you will get another chance.  I heard a preacher yesterday say that if we are too busy to reach out to others, then we are too busy and we need to let go of some things in our lives. 

Nine years ago today, my Mom who we thought was perfectly healthy, did not wake up.  That is a phone call you never want to receive.  It changed my life.  It changed in the obvious ways, that I no longer had a Mom I could call and talk to, or go see or hug.  Another way it changed is that I was shown the importance of people and relationships.  I am very aware of how I leave things with people.  It is easier to not let things that people do bug me.  If my husband does something that used to irritate me, I think about how glad I would be for that irritation if he was gone.  I can then let it go. 

I also lost a friend last year on this day.  She died after fighting a battle with cancer.  I pray for her family on this first anniversary of her death. 

Who is on your mind right now?  Go call them before the urge goes away.

My beautiful Mom mom3

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