Life On The Farm Is Not Always Pretty

There is a downside to farm life.

Baby calves are so precious.  All baby animals are precious and they are a big part of why I love farm life.  They have such big eyes and they come running if you bottle feed them.  They bump you and slime you.  

I am not sure what God is doing with us this year. Thanks to the man who lives behind us with his chicken barns, we are not raising any pastured broilers or turkeys this year.  We do still have layers and they are doing well so far.  We had a cow and a heifer both due to calve here soon.  We were going to let the heifer just raise her calf and not milk her this year, since the other cow was due to calve as well.

We have been watching the heifer because she was due any day. Every time I looked out there today, she was out in the pasture with the others eating. I decided to just go do a closer check to see if she showed any signs of starting to calve. She and the others met me at the fence, but then she turned and walked away. Honey, our other cow was acting sort of weird. She came running up behind me. She will come to me, but usually I have to stand there for a few minutes with my hand out.  I went into the pasture to go down and follow Maggie. Honey, the cow came running behind me all antsy.  As I rounded the corner of the barn, I heard Maggie in the barn making low moans. I figured labor had started. Honey rushed past me and went in by Maggie.  I went in and there were 2 dead calves. She had twins and they and who knows when she had them.  I guess we are going to try and milk the heifer this year. 

Sometimes I wish God would give us a blueprint, but we need to just trust and walk in the path we are given. 


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  1. Aw, that’s so hard. Farm life is also full of death, and the death of one animal can mean no food for the season. Hope the rest of the year goes well!

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