Do You Know This Man?

Louis Bromfield was ahead of his time

This is Louis Bromfield.  He was a man from Ohio who was ahead of his time.  He was a conservationist, but came up with many farming techniques that are still used today.  He wrote many books as well.  His farm is so beautiful.  We went there today.  It is called Malabar Farms.  Even though he died before I was born, his farm is still run in much the same way as he ran it. Malabar Farm was the location for the wedding of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.  It is a beautiful place.  They have many interactive displays on many aspects of agriculture.  There is an observation hive full of bees that people can see right up close.  They have many different events set up through out the year.  They make maple syrup in the early Spring and you can go see the sugaring house.  They host square dances through out the year that are enjoyed by many.  There are cooking workshops and there is a Spinning and Weaving Guild that meets there and you can go try your hand at weaving and other fiber arts.  There is an old farm house that has been turned into a wonderful restaurant that serves local food.  The menu changes to reflect was in season at that time.  There are trails that you can hike and there is even a place to camp.  You can check out this page that shares their crop rotation that they do.  They also sell their grass based meats that are raised on the farm.  I told my husband he (Louis Bromfield) was the Joel Salatin of his day.  🙂

Louis had a good friend named Cosmos Blubaugh.  Cosmos is part of my husband’s family.  My Father-in-law’s dad died when my Father-in-law was a young teen.  Cosmos would come and take him fishing after his dad died.  A friend of mine read about Cosmos in a book either by or about Louis Bromfield.  She asked me about him.  When I asked my Father-in-law, he told me his memories of him.  I love to have historical stories to go with family.  🙂 

  You can tour the home or the barn if you like.  I think it is a wonderful place and I am glad it is close enough to visit every once in awhile.  Here are some pictures I took today.


This is his farm (house and barn) as seen from the top of a hill on the farm.

This is his farm (house and barn) as seen from the top of a hill on the farm.

These next pictures are taken at the top of the hill looking in other directions.

IMG_0159a IMG_0158a IMG_0157a IMG_0156a

Here are some pictures of foliage.  It is not at the peak of the Autumn color, but there were lots of bright splashes!

IMG_0155a IMG_0154a IMG_0153a IMG_0150a

Are the Autumn colors showing off at your house?  Let me know in the comments below.  🙂



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