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I believe that the kitchen is often the heart of a home. People open up and share themselves over a cup of coffee around the kitchen table. Others are welcomed into your home by the wonderful smells of bread baking, soup simmering, or cookies baking. My kitchen is always open for a friend to drop in and sit for awhile. So come on in and visit with me.... I LOVE company!!

Preparing whole or "real" food usually takes more preparation time. You have to remember to soak beans overnight, and to give yourself plenty of time to put the recipes together. It is so worth it though. It gives you great satisfaction and usually tastes better. I also like to take recipes that are already out there and switch them to a more wholesome natural version of the same thing. People taste my cinnamon rolls and LOVE them. However, they are good for you cinnamon rolls. You can eat them without guilt. Also, it pays to remember to do things in moderation. Just because they are wholesome does not mean you eat more than usual. I will be sharing some of my recipes on the following pages. I have tried to make good, wholesome, nutritious food for my family. We try to only eat what God intended for food and to eat it as close to the way He created it as possible. We try not to eat processed foods. We are not total purists... yet. Although we are always trying to move more in that direction.

We are always reading and learning new things. I have found that as I get older and am heading toward menopause, things change and you need to adapt to new things. I have always been a "Carb Queen". We are changing the carbs that we eat and the way we eat them. We are combining them with more protein and more healthy fat. In March of 2011 we started eating in a different way. We eat 3 meals and 2 snacks each day. We increased our intake of healthy fats such as Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil, Coconut Oil and real Raw Butter. Not only have we been losing weight without really trying, but we feel good and have energy. I feel better now that I have in over 10 years. Also, even on the weeks that we don't lose a lot, we can feel we are losing inches by the way our clothes fit. I would encourage you to read books like Eat Fat, Lose Fat and Nourishing Traditions.

God has brought many people into our lives over the years that have asked questions or come to learn how to do some of the things that we do. We are always more than happy to share. They often were looking for sources for some of the kitchen tools and supplies that we use. I would send them to this place or that. We finally got smart and opened our own online store. We sell items we really believe in and many of them are in use in our home. If you would like to see what we offer in the store, click the logo for the store.


Bread Recipes


Home Dairy and Cheese Recipes


Preserving and Pickling Recipes

This page is under construction. Check back often for links to helps and to many of our recipes.


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