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Our farming lifestyle is the result of our concern over what goes into our food and from where it comes.  As we started our endeavors such as laying hens, pastured poultry and other livestock, people expressed an interest in what we were doing.  Because of this, we expanded our operation to be able to offer our farm products.

We currently offer grass fed beef and lamb, pastured broilers and turkeys, pork, eggs and some produce.  We do have bees, but we are rebuilding our hives and hope to offer honey in the future.

We firmly believe in local food and in knowing the farmer and their practices.  Each of us has to take responsibility for the foods we feed to our families.  We take this very seriously and raise our food accordingly.

We enjoy getting to know our customers and have made many friends over the years.

We are going to be adding pages about the products we sell.  Please be patient with us.

Grass Fed Beef

Pastured Poultry


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  1. Just wondering when you sell your beef. My husband and I are trying to go organic and we are new to purchasing meat in bulk or from local farmers. We are from Fredericktown, OH.


  2. I too am interested in buying beef. Can you mention more as far as when a good time is to place orders, and what time of year you harvest the meat, and also required quantities i.e. side of beef, whole cow etc? AND….do you do the butchering yourself, have it processed locally, or do you deliver the meat in bulk, and rely on the customer to take care of the processing. Thank you!

  3. I am just starting the process of eating more locally and naturally, so I am in the information seeking phase. I would like to hear what the answers are to Doug’s questions in his post. Also, do you encourage farm visits? I live in Delaware, Ohio and would like to be able to visit the farm(s) we buy from.
    Thank you and God Bless!

  4. We are interested in a free-range turkey, but couldn’t find the pricing on your site. If you could email us with a quote for a large bird (we’re feeding about a dozen people), we would greatly appreciate it.

    • For the lambs born this year (they go to the butcher in the Spring of next year), it is $100 to us and you pay the butcher. Not sure what it will be other years.

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