Farm News – March 2014

To our Farm Friends,

Another year has rolled around. It goes faster and faster each year. This has been a long cold winter and I know you are looking forward to Spring as much as we are. We will have to get through the “mud season” , but we are even looking forward to that.

When we moved to this farm in 2002, we were thrilled with the farm and its location. One of our neighbors (as you come down our driveway, it is the property on the left) was an organic farmer. His farm runs the full length of our farm on that side. The man who lives behind us used the property directly behind us as a hay field that was not sprayed with anything. The neighbor on the other side (not the ones near the road) had a landing strip for their ultra light. We felt very well protected from the nasty side of agriculture.

The summer of 2012 changed all of that. We kept hearing large equipment out behind us. We thought someone was plowing or planting. When we finally went to see (because it continued for so long) we realized that the man behind us was going to be putting up some large buildings. We called and asked him what was going on. He informed us he was putting in broiler barns. He put in 3 of them and each of them is 600′ long and 60′ wide. They butt right up to our property. (pictures attached) Each barn holds up to 35,000 birds and they are run in 6 week batches. We were not happy and neither were any of the other neighbors in this area, but there was nothing to be done. We are downwind of these barns and it has been not so nice many times. Early that Fall, the organic farmer changed his mind and went from organic to GMO farming practices. Then last summer the neighbor on the other side planted GMO corn right up to the fence.

We started seeing some problems with our animals last year. These were problems we had not encountered before. When our cow calved we never really got to drink much of her milk. Early on in her lactation she ended up with a bad case of mastitis that was a mystery to us and to the vet and to the others we sought counsel from. We had to have the milk cultured to figure out what was wrong. We also saw some problems with a handful of broilers from our last batch. We kept all of those birds ourselves, so rest assured they did not get passed on to you. There were also problems with some of our turkeys. Again, we kept those birds for ourselves. Then we got word that the place that processes our poultry for us will not be open this year unless they can find someone to run it. We have been praying about what we need to do.

We are currently looking for another farm in this area. We have had an Amish family show some interest in our farm here, although no offer has been made. However, unless the Lord brings us a farm quickly, we will not be raising poultry or beef. This is very hard for us, because we look at many of you as friends, not customers and look forward to seeing you each summer. This also effects our own food supply.

We will list below some other farms we know of that might be able to fill your needs for this year. We are also asking that if you would like to remain on our mailing list and keep up to date with what is happening, that you respond to this email and request this. We will remove anyone from our mailing list who we do not hear from. We do not want to clog up your email. We are so sorry to have to do this, but feel like this is what needs to happen.

We would appreciate your prayers that God shows us clearly where we are to be. Thank you all for the love, support, encouragement and visits we have gotten from you over the years.

Food Resources

  • Paul and Colleen Yoder – Beef, Chicken, Turkeys, Lamb, Pork, Eggs, Cow shares and other items.
  • 8561 Bear Hollow
  • Apple Creek, OH 44606
  • 330-698-0340


  • Joseph or Marion Yoder – Eggs, broilers, lamb, beef, and raw honey.
  • 13306 C.R. 100
  • Big Prairie, OH 44611
  • 330-496-3143


The Rickard Family – Eggs, lamb, beef, pork and chicken

  • 20060 Gilmore Road
  • Fredericktown, Ohio 43019
  • 740-694-8528


Only by His merciful grace,
Mike & Marci
He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose. Jim Elliot

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