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This was SO good!

I love stretching one chicken over several meals.  With only 2 of us here at home, it is pretty easy.  On Sunday, we cooked a chicken in the crock pot like this.  We used some of the meat for a late supper.  Since it was on the late side, we just had a chicken sandwich.  Then on Monday we had chicken and a side of vegetables.  I put water in the crock pot to make some bone broth.  I love that I can put my crock pot on low and it will go for a long time.  It is good to add raw apple cider vinegar (ACV) to your broth to help pull all the goodness out of the bones.  I added my super tonic to the broth, which has an ACV base.  Today, I pulled the rest of the chicken out and picked the meat off the bones.  I put the chicken back into the broth and added another dollop of super tonic.  I love that stuff.  🙂  I also added some left over mixed vegetables that were in the fridge.  I was going to add rice, but changed my mind at the last minute and put a cup of quinoa in.  I let it cook in the broth.  It still had big pieces of onion and garlic from when we cooked the chicken the first time.  This soup was so good, that I had 2 bowls.  🙂  Plus I have left overs for lunches this week. 

What are some ways that you use to stretch a chicken.  I would love to hear about them in the comments below. 


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  1. I take ahold of the head and Tim takes the legs, then we slowly back away from one another… That’s how we stretch our chickens at the Kaiser farm. I always encourage them to breathe deeply during stretch so not to over do it. 😀
    But seriously… I just cooked down a chicken. I made pasta with onions basil, oregano and parsley. I added some chic broth back into my al dente pasta.
    Tomorrow, I will make bbq chic sandwich for time for lunch. For supper, I will make a pot pie.
    On Thursday, I will take what broth and chicken that is left and make chic and noodles.
    I love chicken broth. It is very high in nutrients. When I am ailing, I like to boil it down and just drink the broth all week long. For a long time, that is all I was eating due to back spasms and nerve issues. I enjoy the broth, especially with fresh parsley.

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