Canning Jar Lunch Box


I am so excited about a new product we are carrying in the store.  It is called a BNTO (ben-toh) since it was inspired by the Japanese bento boxes.  It literally turns a wide mouth canning jar into your lunch box!  It is an insert that allows you to separate wet and dry ingredients. 

I can pack my husband granola in the morning and put the milk in the BNTO and he adds his milk when he is ready to eat.  If I put the milk in here at home, his granola is not very crunchy when he eats it. 

IMG_6879 It even has a little our spout to help you not spill it.


You could put your salad or veggies in the bottom and put dip or your salad dressing in the top.

Watch this video for more ideas on how to use it.

Here are some additional pictures to show you how versatile it is.


Come and check out all the items we have in our store.  We also carry Cuppow brand lids for canning jars.  I use these a lot and people always ask me about them and where they can get one!!


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