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We are what we eat.  That has been proven.  The animal “experts” don’t see the connection, so they try all sorts of different items to bulk up the cow, but not cost a lot.  Cows were designed by God to eat grass.  If you feed them grain, they do get bigger quicker, but there are costs involved and I am not talking about the money it costs to buy the feed.  There are some excellent articles that you can read about why grass-fed is best.  I will put some links below.  Here is a quote from an article written by Jo Robinson from

Most experts in human nutrition are equally blind to the feed/food connection. To them, beef is beef, eggs are eggs, and milk is milk. Thus, when the USDA says “eat less red meat,” the edict applies to all red meat, whether it’s a fatty steak from a grainfed cow, or a lean steak from a grassfed cow with its invisible bounty of omega-3s, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and CLA.

We have lost so much in our foods by letting the dollar be the driving force.  We are raising our own meat as well.  We want to eat healthy food that is going to nourish and feed our bodies.

We primarily raise Jersey steers for meat.  Jersey is a dairy breed versus a beef breed.  This means that our steers end up being smaller than much of the beef that others sell.  We have customers who prefer this meat and actually request it.  Sometimes we have Angus/Jersey cross steers for sale as well.

We usually get our calves in the Spring whether through our milk cows having them or getting them as day old calves from local dairies. We start each calf off on a bottle and then slowly start them on hay. We raise them approximately 18 months and they go to the butcher in the late Fall as the grass stops growing.  We sell whole cows, 1/2 cows and 1/4 cows.  The 1/4 shares are split evenly from that half rather than being a front or rear quarter.

We normally take orders for these in the early Spring when our order forms go out in email to our customers.  You can request us to put you on our farm list to be made aware of what is available and when.

You pay us a set amount per hanging weight and then you tell the butcher how you want your share cut up.  They will gladly walk you through this process if you have not done it before.  You pay the butcher for the processing and pick up the meat directly from them.

We hope to get our order form up on our website so that people can see what we offer and when.  If you have further questions, please let us know.

When you buy beef from us, you can be sure of what you are getting. A healthy, well fed lovingly raised product.

All of our beef available for 2013 has been spoken for! You can ask to be put on our farm list so that you will get an email when our order form for next year comes out.

You Are What Your Animals Eat

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  1. Mu husband and I would be interested in purchasing a 1/4 cow from you! What is the price for 1/4 cow?

    Thanks! God Bless you!

    Linda Lewis

    • Hi I’m interested in a quarter cow for next year. Is there some sort of waiting list I can be placed on for this? Thank you,


  2. Hello. My family and I are also interested in purchasing grass fed beef… Do we need to purchase the entire cow or can we order less? We are local and this would be our first time purchasing grass fed beef. Thanks so much for your time!

  3. Could you please add me to your list? We have bought grass fed beef in the past, but the farmer is no longer able to offer that product. We would be interested in getting a 1/4 to 1/2 a cow. Thanks!

  4. I would like to buy either a half or whole angus cow. Is there any way to estimate the cost from cow to freezer…vacuumed packed? I live in Newark. I am not sure what the process is ie: do I just pick up at the butcher, how do I order the cuts, etc. Thanks so much for you help.
    God Bless

    PS Do you have hogs as well?

    • All of our beef is spoken for this year. We do hogs, but not every year. If you would like to be put on our farm list, you will be sent an email when the new order form goes out.

  5. HI Marci, started to email Mike at work but figured this would be better. Can you send me an order form for 2014? Hope you’re doing well! Thanks

  6. Would you send us an order form for 2014? We are extremely interested in purchasing meat, including bones. Thanks for your quality farming.


    • Michelle, we don’t take orders until next year…. usually in late February or early March. Right now, we charge $2.50 a pound hanging weight and you pay the butcher.

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